S.U.S. Die Casting was formed in 1946. S.U.S. is reportedly the oldest non-captive die casting company in Indiana.

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Our roots and primary business is producing aluminum die casting. Our capabilities extend beyond that core.

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S.U.S. operates a 65,000+ square foot facility in Logansport, Indiana.

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S.U.S. established partnerships with leading tooling manufacturers to provide customers with solutions to best meet their needs.

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Welcome to S.U.S. Cast Products Inc.

S.U.S. Cast Products Inc. is a leader in aluminum castings produced for diverse industries valuing high quality and specialized attention.


Our mission is to provide products and services that our customers regard as the highest value and to continually improve to exceed their expectations.


With our engineering solutions, innovative least cost methodology and flexible manufacturing; our customers enjoy the benefits of quick response time, a high level of reliability and on-time delivery.


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